About the Website - About the Website

Our team is made up of various professionals in the areas of political science, economic science, and communication science. This setup of professionals makes up an interlocking system that allows information to be carried out accurately and objectively.

Also, they always generate sections where they express their opinion, delving into the understanding of information in light of their areas of study.

The construction of this blog was conceived under the need of making massive dissemination of information on political, social, and economic nature. That undoubtedly intervenes in a kind of triad as it leads to the simultaneous analysis of these factors for an understanding of the topics described.

Roll up the red carpetis devoted to addressing issues of monetary policy, racism, international politics, and its edges.Our goal is for the world to handle truthful and objective information in a historical moment where over-information could generate disinformation as an adverse effect.

Our Approach

Our project is oriented to the publication of content that systematizes the debates, speeches, and opinions of the actors of world politics. This way, it will be the readers who generate their judgment of value, which may agree or disagree with the analyses presented by our panel of experts.

On the other hand, our community has not stopped growing, since we have the contributions of people affected by our informative project.

With the help of independent correspondents, readers also carry out analyses that are sent to our platforms for review and subsequent publication. This helps us strengthen the interaction between our community with the highest commitment to communicational transparency.